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Near the Southern Border of Minnesota, right on I-35 in Owatonna, MN

Yes we do, many years in fact, both with Retail Arbitrage and Private Labelling.

We don't charge initial/setup fees. Payments will be handled through either paypal or stripe through an invoicing service.

Yes we do (one of a few services)

ASAP, usually 24-72 hours right now.

We have a heated warehouse with cargo docks that a truck can just back up to, so we can unload pallets of merchandise. We can also let people pull into the warehouse if needed to unload.

We are open to the possibility, please contact us for further information.

We accept business from any size seller, and mostly anytype of seller. Contact us with any question you may have.

We can work with you on pricing especially if what you are sending us requires less processing, minimum processing requires minimum fees though.

We are reasonable with warehousing fees, and don't charge for 2 weeks of storage. Anything longer than 14 days will be considered "long-term" and thus will require a storage fee. We will most of the time charge a minimum of 1 standard sized pallet as a fee, per month. Its possible for small sized orders that we can work with you on a per cubic food basis. Please contact us for more information

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You can find out more information on the way sending the request for us through email and website. All reasonable requests are considered