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Wholesale & Private Label

We can receive single parcel shipments, or large palletized shipments of products from wholesale companies or manufacturers directly with our cargo docks. Then we can inspect and prepare products for Amazon Fulfillment Receiving.

Online/Retail Arbitrage Receiving

We will receive goods from your online purchases, inventory and quickly inspect items for any damage.

Amazon Returns

Send your Amazon Returns to our warehouse, excellent for out of the country sellers. We can inspect returns for defects, and get them ready for their next destination.

Prepare for FBA

We will prepare items by removing stickers, attaching FNSKU/ASIN/UPC barcodes and expiration labels, polybag with suffocation warning labels.


We can put together bundles of different products/skus into a prepackaged set and label appropriately so its ready to be warehoused at an FBA warehouse ready to be sold.


We can warehouse your items for upto 14 days for free before sending them to their next destination (ie Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse).
We can warehouse your products for longer than 14 days either by cubic foot, or per pallet until your inventory is ready to be shipped to an FBA warehouse, thus saving from you Amazon’s large storage fees.

Ship to FBA Facilities

We can prepare your products for shipment to an Amazon warehouse, including boxing to be ready for pickup by Small Parcel Carrier like UPS or FedEx or USPS, or palletizing for shipment by LTL Freight. Trucks can back right up to our cargo docks, no lift-gates necessary (saving you money)